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Principle: a basic premise that determines behavior

Following these principles will ensure freedom and prosperity to all who are willing to work for it

The role of government is to protect rights and property

Honesty no exceptions

The individual has the sole responsibility to provide for his own needs

Following these principles will lead the masses into poverty and bondage

The government is responsible to provide for the individual

The role of government is to regulate the rights of the individual

The end justifies the means

Solutions from the Constitution

Teach the principles in the constitution, and what prompted their establishment.

Laws to Protect
Remove all laws unrelated to the protection of an individual's rights and property. Reserve the prison's for those who commit true crime. True crime is violating the rights or property of others.

Protect Private Property
Unless true crime is committed, remove all restrictions on the use of private property. Property is a broad term and includes money, land, physical possessions, etc.

Personal Responsibility
Wean the world and the American people from government welfare. It is an addiction and does not liberate.

True Charity

Only individuals have the right to give of their property. All government aid robs the people of true Charity. The American people have proven their willingness to provide.
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